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Hall of Fame® (NIHF),

We apply lessons from the world’s greatest inventors — our Inductees — to empower the next generation of innovators through STEM education, intellectual property knowledge and inspiring experiences that build confidence and creativity. Click here to read more.

For NIHF, 2019 was a year of focus —

a year in which we concentrated on our mission, improved our processes and strengthened the core of our organization.

we shared

to connect one generation
of inventors to the next

“An inventor changes, modifies or adapts specific things in specific directions and recognizes connections.”

— NIHF Inductee George Alcorn,
inventor of the X-Ray Spectrometer

We placed our world-changing Inductees at the center of all we do.

We held the 47th Annual NIHF Induction Ceremony.

19 visionary inventors were inducted, growing the NIHF family to 581 Inductees.

51 Inductees were incorporated into our Camp Invention® curriculum.

2,013 children met an Inductee in person at Camp Invention.

We shared Inductees’ stories with more than 35,000 NIHF Museum visitors.

We provided engaging

to children nationwide with
all-new curricula

“Curiosity and exploration are the essential starting points of innovation. We have to cultivate that in ourselves, and in young children, because that’s where it starts.”

— NIHF Inductee Sumita Mitra,
inventor of nanocomposite dental materials

NIHF has been a leader in STEM education for 30 years, providing inclusive, hands-on learning experiences.

Our impact in 2019 has been made possible by our dedicated partners and generous sponsors and donors.

Our programs brought scientific exploration, teamwork and fun to more than 3,000 schools and districts nationwide, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

We partnered with 22,000 teachers and Program Team Members to help young innovators build their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

We inspired confidence and creativity in 130,808 Camp Invention participants.

We impacted 178,172 students through our immersive, PreK-12 STEM programs, 35% of whom benefited from scholarships.

“My daughter had an amazing time! As a woman in a scientific field, I really want to encourage her critical thinking skills and confidence in the STEM areas, and Camp Invention was perfect for her. Well done!”

— Jennifer J., Gates Mills, Ohio

“My son loved attending Camp Invention! He had a blast learning about all the different topics, building and inventing. He also seemed to gain confidence and made new friends. As a shy, anxious child, it really made me happy to see him become more confident and outgoing.”

— Emily L., Floyds Knobs, Indiana

“My daughter struggles with focus and attention. Camp invention has changed our lives. She is excited about learning new things now and her confidence is through the roof.”

— Rebecca B., Fort Smith, Arkansas

“After just one day of Camp Invention, my son was excited to learn, participate and engage with the other kids attending. His confidence in creating things increased every day, and his enthusiasm was off the charts.”

— Jodi M., Cincinnati, Ohio

“My daughter is significantly more interested in science since she attended Camp Invention. She is fascinated by fossils and insects, and she asked for a microscope for her eighth birthday. Camp Invention helped introduce her to the fun of scientific exploration.”

— Allegra M., Indianapolis, Indiana

We believe that all children can invent, gain confidence and build persistence.

Children representing a wide variety of communities, interests and abilities accessed exceptional STEM enrichment at Camp Invention.

We invested in new

to validate our education programs

“To create anything innovative, you have to do a lot of homework first.”

— NIHF Inductee B. Jayant Baliga,
inventor of the insulated gate bipolar transistor

We’ve proven meaningful benefits of attending Camp Invention.

Research has revealed:

Research has revealed:

Just one week at Camp Invention results in significant short-term and long-term improvements in creativity, STEM interest, collaboration and problem solving.

Participating in Camp Invention during the summer has increased students’ attendance, performance and engagement the following school year.

We’ve also measured our success among educators and parents.

Camp Invention has earned a 96% parent and teacher satisfaction rating.

SOURCE: J. Falk, Camp Invention Evaluation Report. Institute for Learning Innovation (2018).

SOURCE: Summit Education Initiative, National Inventors Hall of Fame Camp Invention Summer 2019 (December 2019).

We optimized

to effectively reach our audiences

“The important thing about invention is to become passionate about what you do and sell, sell, sell it.”

— NIHF Inductee Spencer Silver,
inventor of Post-it® Notes

With a wide array of content, we enhanced our promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual property knowledge.

We released 8 new white papers on trending industry topics.

We produced more than 130 videos in house, one of which organically reached over 43,000 customers — a new record for NIHF!

We grew our total social audience to over 99,000 customers.

We published 240 blogs which drove over 100,000 visitors to

There were over 2,000 news stories published nationwide about our events, Inductees and STEM programs.

We rewarded

and provided guidance
for emerging innovators

“We’re in a business to add value to society. In the process of adding value, if we’re successful, we’ll be profitable.”

— NIHF Inductee Edmund O. Schweitzer III,
inventor of the digital protective relay

We held our 29th Collegiate Inventors Competition®.

Finalists included 23 students from 11 colleges and universities nationwide.

They presented their work to 11 NIHF Inductee Judges and more than 2,000 CIC Expo attendees.

5,952 votes were cast for the Arrow Electronics People’s Choice Award.

And the winners were…



Infinite Cooling


PE-IVT (Positively Engaged,
Infinitely Variable Transmission
Using Split Helical Gears)






To date, with the help of our sponsors, we have awarded more than $1 million to CIC Winners.

We appreciate your continued

in the future of
American innovation

“Good ideas are even better ideas when they can improve people’s lives and help the Earth.”

— NIHF Inductee Edith Flanigen,
inventor of molecular sieves

Everyone at NIHF is grateful for the generous sponsors and donors whose contributions are shaping a brighter, more innovative tomorrow.

In 2019, support from our sponsors and donors provided more than 62,000 underserved children with an immersive STEM experience.

“We were so blessed to receive a partial scholarship for my daughter. Camp taught her to be confident and not scared to try new things. While there, she learned so much. She has such a creative mind and loved every minute of it. Thank you.”

— Courtney G., Roswell, New Mexico

“It was so gratifying to see how happy my grandsons were every day! My oldest has struggled in social and classroom situations. He enjoyed Camp Invention without struggles, and it boosted his self-esteem! My youngest discovered an aptitude for design he never knew he had. Fabulous program and awesome teachers and staff! Thank you also for having scholarships available, or they would not have been able to attend. This camp was truly a gift in many ways for our little family!”

— Janet M., Stanwood, Washington

“My daughters were talking about what they did for weeks! They started using around-the-house items to create their own projects. They looked forward to it every day! Extremely thankful for scholarship availability — without it, we would not have been able to come.”

— Jen B., Leavittsburg, Ohio

Our sponsors and donors make the NIHF mission a reality by investing in the next generation of innovators.

There are many ways to join us and make a difference:

• Become a program sponsor to support children’s access to STEM education.

• Make a lasting impact through planned giving options or establish a named endowment.

• Donate appreciated shares of stock and enjoy tax planning benefits.

• Consider giving online, donating any amount in a fast, easy and secure way.

Contact us at [email protected] or visit our website to learn more!

Along with the contributions of our supporters, we are grateful for the leadership and insight of our Board of Directors.

Details behind all our work can be found in our 2019 financial report.

To all who support NIHF, through your dedication, inspiration and gifts,

for a meaningful year and a promising future.

Your impact has never been more appreciated.
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